Danielle Woodrow: Turning

(The Sabbatical Sessions)

“Can’t Keep Leaving You” / “Turning” / “Pour One More” recorded by Terry Hunt at Mountain Sound.

“Locked” / “The Grip” / “Wanna Go Back” / “Tommie & George” recorded by Mike Simpson at The Hacienda.

“Broken Blue” / “In Ruins” recorded by Perry Emge at The Birdhouse.

“Leap of Faith” / cello on “The Grip” recorded by Brian Scheuble at Dave’s Room.

Vocals & Guitar: Danielle Woodrow.

Cello on “The Grip”: Jeffrey White.

Cello Arrangement: Dylan Rieck.

Additional Guitar on “Leap of Faith”: Zac Rae.

Mixed by Brian Scheuble.

Mastered by Robert Hadley at the Mastering Lab.

Layout & Design: Brice Beckham.

Cover Art: Damon Meuli.

Photos: Alex Beattie, Sarah Berns

Danielle Woodrow: Turning

special thanks

There are many people without whom this project would not have been possible.

To the friends, family and guides who offered generous support and wisdom along the way:

thank you.